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3ie requested qualifications from researchers for a proposal preparation grant to design a rigorous impact evaluation of CottonConnect’s Organic Cotton Farmers Training Programme in India.

The training programme is being implemented by CottonConnect in partnership with C&A Foundation.

For more information about this call, please read the  Request for Qualifications (RFQ) (241.6 KB)  

This call is now closed. The deadline for submitting applications was 9 January 2015.

The deadline for questions regarding this request for qualifications was 12 December 2014. The answers to the questions 3ie received are available in this   Q&A document (50.4 KB)

Please send any queries related to this RFQ to

About CottonConnect 

CottonConnect is a social enterprise, pioneering a transparent, sustainable cotton supply chain initiative to build a sound and renewable future for the cotton industry. CottonConnect is the strategic and implementation partner for C&A Foundation’s Organic Cotton Farmers Training Programme. 

About C&A Foundation 

C&A Foundation is a private foundation that aspires to promote a fair and sustainable apparel industry where everyone can thrive. C&A Foundation works to address the deeply rooted challenges of the sector by supporting and leading initiatives and by partnering with key stakeholders to maximise results. C&A is a leading global clothing retailer. Through its foundation, it can test, replicate and scale programmes that can help the apparel industry become a force for greater good, including through its support to communities. 

About the Organic Cotton Farmers Training Programme 

The organic cotton training programme aims to meet C&A Foundation’s overall purpose of improving the livelihoods of tens of thousands of smallholder cotton farmers in developing countries and improving their environmental impact through sustainable agricultural methods. The goal of the organic cotton programme is to increase productivity and close the income gap of organic versus conventional cotton farmers and demonstrate the environmental and socio-economic case for organic cotton farming. 

How to apply

These are the key documents you will need for your application.

Application form

3ie organisation information form (597.3 KB)
Grantee budget template (265.0 KB)

At a glance

  • Only legally registered organisations and consortia of registered organisations, not individuals, could apply. 
  • The grant-holding organisation and principal investigators (PI) may be located in any country, but the study team is required to have direct work experience in India.
  •  It is necessary to include at least one PI who is resident in India. The India-based PI must be a citizen of a low- or middle-income country and should be affiliated with a national research or educational institution.
  • This was a request for qualifications to prepare an impact evaluation design, not to submit a design.
  • A preparation grant of up to US$20,000 will be made to the qualifying research team.

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