Request for Qualifications STRYDE Programme

On behalf of TechnoServe, and in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, 3ie requested researchers to submit qualifications for a grant to design a rigorous impact evaluation of the Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise (STRYDE) programme in East Africa.

For more information about this call, please read the  Request for Qualifications (194.7 KB)

This call is now closed. The deadline for submitting applications was 8 April 2015.

The deadline for submitting questions in response to this request for qualifications was 25 March 2015. The answers to the questions 3ie received are available in this  Q&A document (217.9 KB)

At a glance

Important notice and update to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

This information constitutes the final clarifications and updates to the RFQ and answers all questions received by the deadline of 25 March. 

  • 3ie expects to support one impact evaluation in Tanzania, one of the four countries in East Africa where STRYDE 2.0 operates, under this funding window. This updates the RFQ language that indicated that the proposal could be for any of the four east African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda) in the STRYDE programme.
  • The proposal preparation phase will take place from mid-April to late-May 2015.
  • 3ie expects baseline to start mid- to late-June 2015.
  • The total value of the impact evaluation, if a proposal is selected, will be US$380,000.
  • Only legally registered organisations, and consortia of registered organisations, not individuals, could apply.
  • It is preferable that the study team includes at least one principal investigator in a meaningful role that is a national of and resident in the country to which the evaluation applies. This principal investigator should be involved in the analysis and publication, not merely in data collection.
  • Funding support for this call is provided by TechnoServe in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.


The STRYDE programme provides participant youth with self-efficacy and labour market-related skills training that is expected to increase their opportunities for employment and self-employment. The programme revolves around a twelve-month cycle, which includes core-self-efficacy training of three months and economic skills development and linkages to economic opportunities for nine months.

The implementing agency, TechnoServe has been a leader in building individual and community capacity, strengthening market connections, and improving the business-enabling environment to develop competitive farms, businesses and industries. TechnoServe works in poor communities in more than 30 countries throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia.

A mid-term evaluation at the end of the first phase of STRYDE showed promising results and provided recommendations that have been introduced in the design of STRYDE 2.0, to be launched in 2015. Thus, STRYDE 2.0 will expand the STRYDE model to new areas. The scale up of STRYDE provides an opportunity to rigorously assess the impact of this training and linkage to economic opportunities programme.

The proposal will be for an impact evaluation of STRYDE 2.0 programme, implemented in four countries in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The research team will be required to work in close collaboration with TechnoServe and other agencies involved in the implementation of the programme.

How to apply

These are the key documents that were needed for the application.

Application form

3ie organisation information form (312.4 KB)

Grantee budget template (267.5 KB)

3ie policy documents

3ie indirect cost policies (234.4 KB)

3ie direct cost policies (208.6 KB)

3ie contract template

3ie preparation grant administration agreement template (327.5 KB)


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