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Join a community of development experts committed to improving lives through impact evaluation.

Your institution will also be involved in high quality impact evaluation studies that provide cost-effective solutions to critical development issues.

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Associate Membership benefits

  • Priority funding: Research proposals from Associate Members receive an additional 5% score in the review process. If selected, the projects enjoy substantial quality peer advice throughout the project period, as well as support for communication and policy influence.
  • Nomination for expert panel: Associate Members may nominate a member of their staff to be considered for 3ie's expert panels, which will be a remunerated position undertaking peer reviews of proposals and reports.
  • Emerging community of practice: Associate members will benefit from being part of an emerging community of practice that promotes and improves the theory, practice and utilization of impact evaluations.
  • Branding and promotion: Publications, calls for proposals, job advertisements and impact evaluation related events and projects of associate members are regularly promoted in 3ie news updates, events, our website and other 3ie platforms.
  • Access to impact evaluation experts: 3ie has an online expert roster of leading professionals from around the world with proven experience who have agreed to help practitioners and policymakers in designing and conducting impact evaluation of their programmes.
  • Access to 3ie knowledge services: All 3ie-funded studies and data sets are available on our web portal. 3ie guidelines and guidance, as well as other training tools and resources are regularly uploaded. Members and subscribers will also receive information on upcoming call for proposals, events, new research and publications.

Criteria for Associate Membership

  • Associate membership applies to institutions which conduct impact evaluation studies.
  • Institutions eligible for full membership may also opt for associate membership for a period of two years.
  • To retain associate membership, the institution is expected to have undertaken at least one rigorous impact evaluation, in accordance with 3ie standards and guidelines, within two years of associate membership with 3ie.

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