Our briefs summarise evidence from 3ie-supported impact evaluations, systematic reviews, replications and evidence gap maps. They also include summaries of our research programmes, lessons from grant making and instances of uptake and use of evidence. 

Evidence gap map

These briefs summarise the findings from evidence gap maps, which map the systematic reviews and impact evaluations in a sector or sub-sector.


Evidence use

These briefs highlight instances of evidence use from 3ie-supported studies. The link between evidence and its use is often not immediate or directly attributable. Through various sources like grant documents and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, these briefs investigate how context, actors and other mechanisms contribute to uptake and use of evidence.


Impact evaluation

These briefs summarise the main findings, lessons and recommendations from 3ie funded impact evaluations published in our impact evaluation report series.



These briefs summarise major lessons 3ie has observed in the implementation of 3ie-funded impact evaluations. They can cover a range of issues, such as study design, methodology, implementation and engagement. Where 3ie funds a portfolio of evaluations in a sector, learning may be based on what 3ie is finding across a number of studies.



These briefs provide overviews of our work in programmes or specific thematic areas.


Systematic review

These briefs summarise 3ie-funded systematic reviews and provide main findings and implications for policy, programming and further research.


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