Bursary Programme

3ie’s Bursary Programme offers funding for individuals to attend workshops and conferences related to impact evaluations and systematic reviews. 

For more information on bursaries offered by 3ie please see below.

About 3ie's bursary programme

This programme is part of 3ie’s efforts toward building capacity in conducting and using high-quality impact evaluations and systematic reviews that can generate policy relevant evidence.

The events may be organised by 3ie or other organisations. They may be targeted at researchers or policymakers in low and middle income countries with varying levels of experience.

To date, 3ie has funded 800 bursaries, and anticipates making 75 additional awards in 2014

Please visit this page again to stay informed about bursaries for upcoming conferences and workshops.

For more information, read the 3ie bursary programme project document (209.2 KB)

What kind of events are covered?

3ie has funded bursaries for events across the world. Examples of events include the AfrEA international conference, Campbell Collaboration Colloquium, the Cochrane Colloquium, and trainings organised by the CLEAR Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results, and RIPA International. We have also sponsored participants for attending 3ie-organised conferences in Cairo, Cuernavaca and Dhaka

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for any 3ie bursary, applicants must be nationals of, and residing in, a low- or middle-income country in a local agency (i.e., not multilateral) and be actively engaged in the field of impact evaluations. There may be additional eligibility criteria for specific workshops or conferences.

Bursaries are generally awarded on a competitive basis through open calls for applications which are announced on the 3ie website and other dissemination channels. In some instances, bursaries are limited to individuals selected or nominated by 3ie’s membership.

What does a bursary cover?

3ie bursaries usually cover registration fees, economy airline tickets, and accommodation for each event. 3ie seeks good quality accommodation at reasonable cost, which may not be at the event venue. All other costs, including meals and visa application fees, are the responsibility of bursary participants or their employer.

For more information, please read the 3ie bursary programme and travel policies (798.8 KB)

Feedback from bursary participants

Christian Adovelande, the President of the West African Development Bank (Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement or BOAD), has expressed his appreciation to 3ie for bursaries given to representatives of BOAD to attend the 7th International African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) conference in Yaounde, Cameroon on 3-7 March 2014.

In a letter to Howard White, Christian Adovelande talks about the lessons learnt from the conference and reiterates BOAD's commitment towards developing a culture of evaluation.

Read Christian Adovelande's letter (in French) to Dr. Howard White, Executive Director of 3ie  BOAD letter to 3ie (250.3 KB)

Chilufya Chileshe, Senior Programme Specialist – Monitoring and Evaluation, Zambian Governance Foundation, Participant in May 2013 RIPA International Impact Assessment course

"Thank you for granting me the bursary to participate in the Impact Assessment and Evaluation training in London in May. I found the course very useful to me and I have already begun to use the resources and insights gained from the training. I found my interaction with 3ie a very fulfilling one and I have continued to use the resources on your website. I look forward to continued support in my work and personal development. I appreciate this and thank you for the contribution made to my civil society work in Zambia."

John Koroma, Director, Centre for Human Rights and Peace Education, Sierra Leone, Participant in July 2013 RIPA International Impact Assessment

"The course I must confess is extremely wonderful and useful to my career as an advocate in human right and governance issues. Dr. Phillip Davies is a great guy and a seasoned academic with tremendous experience in the field of impact evaluation. I could not afford missing his lectures for a moment. The choice of participants too is right with wide range of interactions and knowledge sharing exercises in between presentations and group activities. I am grateful to 3ie for awarding me bursary to take part in such an inspiring programme."

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