Replication Window

The Replication Window funds internal replication studies of impact evaluations of development interventions.

This funding mechanism aims to increase the incentives for conducting replication and to improve the quality of evidence available for programme and policy design. To this end, the Replication Window funds researchers to conduct replication studies, quality assures those studies, and promotes good practices around communication and data availability. Accepted replications are eligible for publication in the Replication Paper Series.

Replication Programme

The Replication Programme has funded ten replications through the first and second rounds of the window (Replication Window 1 and Replication Window 2). To see the current status of these studies as well as 3ie’s in-house replication studies please visit the Replication Studies Status Page.

A fourth replication window is expected to be launched relatively soon. Replication Window 4 will be open to all development sectors and not have a thematic focus.

Replication Window Award Winners

3ie's Replication Programme has awarded ten internal replication grants under its first two replication windows and has made one study award under Replication Window 3. These windows are currently closed.

Information on the progress of all 3ie-funded replication studies can be found here

To learn more about the researchers from each replication funding mechanism, click here.

Key documents for Replication Window applications

3ie Replication individual consulting agreement (384.7 KB)

3ie Replication institutional agreement (371.7 KB)

3ie Replication Window 1 and 2 consultant budget template (276.3 KB)

3ie Replication Window 1 and 2 institutions budget template (276.3 KB)

Candidates studies list

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